This blog is mainly about the near future of Canada, the more distant future is briefly conjectured, also are other parts of the Cosmos where needed to refer to Canada . As I start to look at Canada I realize that the combination of Global Warming ,Earthen tilt, new abilities to alter genes all change & many things which coupled with the work of our clever research scientists make it impossible for me to know the future so anything I say here is just my current best guess which doubtless will change. As my best opinion changes so will my writings.

Canadian Government at the start of 2019 has come to notice that along with technology advancing on all fronts so is observance of this by thinking Canadian citizens.

In Canada there is a national election in October 2019 & political parties are taking the “Times they are a changing” factor into account as they plan election strategy.

Trade internal & external is included as part of my separate blog “hicanadablog” which is linked.