A many sided subject. A changing mindset subject where as resident in a long term care home many residents around me still think that what human life requires for success is a sound mind & strength whereas today the strength is provided by human controlled machines & mind soundness is supplemented by computer programmes. In the near future will be some form of Artificial intelligence (AI) taking on the entire work we are told. Mental education then need be extended & some more replaced by computers.

So far I have not mentioned the trade skills which today are largely supplied by machines that are human directed. Skills such as provided by carpenters will be needed but provided through them by more & more advanced machinery that will require more mental skills to operate.

The message to be noted & acted upon is that the workforce of the present will require some further training & newcomers will require more advanced training.

Those working on the more menial tasks will also require some retraining as the machines they will operate become more complicated.

Human like robots assisting humans & working alongside humans have not been factored here but we are told they will soon be coming so human education has to be adjusted to suit.

In those many service areas, such as insurance, where a client making a claim is met with a company representative, that company representative now has to often interface with a computer & this requires added education.

Mankind has entered a new work world. Moreover the new computer programmes are often riddled with faults to be corrected. All of this has been foreseen by clever Canadian “nerds” & is being implemented by Canadian decision makers. Canada is at the forefront & intends to stay that way.