In my writing I think of humans as having characters that are Good, Bad , Indifferent. Unless an essential part of a particular writing I don’t write of religious persuasion.

Gender globally & Canada

In 2019 we start to hear more & more of Gene Editing coming to be applied to In-vitrious Fertilisation. We hear about computers being built much larger & faster (so-called Artificial Intelligence) & we hear of devices of memory being attached to the human brain. There is talk too of growing growth of human components in animals to be surgically recovered. All this is very frightening & not yet an official reality. I am in no position to conjecture.

I am convinced though that life was facing a sixth extinction to the point of planning to post about it when along came our clever research nerds with the very strong possibilities that I mentioned above & now I find myself planning to write about possible life continuation.

I cannot perceive of the human race changing human goodness just as I cannot perceive of atheism. My thoughts are that I am incompetent to write on either goodness or atheism.

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