In August 2017, the Prime Minister announced the dissolution of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) and the creation of two new departments: Indigenous Services Canada and Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada. This transformation will take time and includes engagement with Indigenous peoples and others. This page will be updated as a result of structural changes to the departments. Until then if you cannot find what you are searching for from this webpage, please visit the former INAC website.

Updated: Delivering on Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action Budget 2019 Highlights: Indigenous and Northern investments
The Nanilavut Initiative



The country of Canada already housed many indigenous nations when immigrants, mostly from Europe, arrived en masse. Generally indigenous peoples did not have a written language when the immigrants arrived & many treaties were agreed. This absence of written indigenous text has, in my opinion, been the cause of many misunderstandings.

I intend to add as I learn in this subject & put the date of the latest revision at the head. Meanwhile I am making a serious attempt to become better acquainted with the growing indigenous population, learning as I go. At the outset I seek to learn from Canadian Citizen indigenous persons to which end I am in preliminary touch with the Indspire group. I am also seeking some active person in an indigenous nation to work with.